e-toolbox components

Complete the diagnostic and get a free audit

The Cost cutting e-toolbox requires the user to provide information on the characteristics, type and energy consumption of its enterprise in order to use the tools and reports. The starting point of any project is a diagnostic that has to be filled for each project, and gathers information that is needed by the e-toolkit reports. The questionnaire includes the following seven sections:

  • Section 1: General information
  • Section 2: People and processes
  • Section 3: Supply chain
  • Section 4: Marketing and social media
  • Section 5: Green bulidings
  • Section 6: Sensors and utilities
  • Section 7: Renewable energy sources

Once the diagnostic has been completed, the digital toolbox automatically performs calculations to provide the expert with all the required indices for the Audit report

The Project "Cross Border Implementation of innovative cost cutting technologies is Co-financed by the European Union (E.R.D.F.) and from National Resources
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